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The Supply Management Series - 3 Volume Set

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  • Contract Development and Management

    The Contract Development and Management Guide was developed for the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) to assist you in developing and managing contracts that meet a full range of objectives. It takes you step-by-step from analyzing the requirements to developing and implementing the contract management plan. Further, it outlines the process to meet the needs of a particular situation. You can move through the process as rapidly as a given situation may dictate or take a more measured approach to an especially complex or high-risk, high-value contract.

  • Purchasing Policy and Business Management Guide

    This essential guide was developed for The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) to help you establish the necessary policies for a world-class purchasing and supply management organization. Beginning with the basics of how to organize purchasing authority, this volume covers policies on suppliers and supply base management, ethical proactices, legal and regulatory requirements, and effective and efficient operations. The Purchasing Policy and Business Management Guide makes the management of policies easier, with detailed steps and suggestions for documentation. Leadership Advice offers insight into why you should or should not consider certain policies.

  • Purchasing Audit and Performance Review Program Guide

    The Purchasing Audit and Performance Review Guide covers the critical evaluation process that is required for continuous improvement in purchasing and supply management. This unique guide leads you through a complete assessment program to measure the success of your purchasing and supply management organization.

    Proper management sets the tone and attitude for an organization. Purchasing and supply management professionals must take on the challenge of ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, controlling organizational resources in a prudent manner, and making sure that sound and ethical practices are followed. An effective audit and evaluation process will make this responsibility manageable and effective.

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