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Company Information

Tell me about The Leadership Companies, Inc.
The Leadership Companies, Inc. was established in 1993 and is a leading provider of Document Management software applications, business processes, management guides, text books and educational programs for achieving excellence in purchasing and supply management.

Return on Investment

By using ContractWare®, your company will realize significant cost benefits and process improvements in the following areas:

Purchasing Spending
Anticipated reduction in purchases: 10-15% of annual expenditures.

Supply Management
Your cycle time for creating and establishing contracts will be reduced by 40-50%.

Cost of Operations
Anticipated operations savings of 5-7% annually.

Information Management
Your ability to automate and access information and provide management reports, company-wide, will improve 100%.

Risk Management
Your ability to react and manage "change" will improve by 100%.

ContractWare® Software

How do I implement ContractWare®?
The Leadership Companies has a comprehensive set of implementation and support services that are offered directly or through a network of partners. Please see our Professional Services area for details regarding our service offerings.

Tell me about the ContractWare® Librarian Module.
The ContractWare® Librarian provides you with Contract templates, standard, alternate and optional terms and conditions with Guidance and Advice on the use and risk of each of Manufacturing, Administration and Service agreements.

How often can I change template terms and conditions?
Using the Contract Librarian Module, you can add, delete or edit any contract, section or clause template/model without the involvement of your IS department.

How are contract terms and conditions edited?
Microsoft® Word 2000+, along with Word's tools and features, is used to edit contract terms and conditions.

How can my company specify who has access to the various ContractWare® application modules?
Using the Administration Module, you enter each user's profile as well as the access privileges they require - View Only, View & Create, or Administrator privileges. Access privilege modifications to modules are immediate.

Can I store my In Process contracts and documents?
All contracts and documents are automatically put In Process state when they are downloaded from a template. You can replace the In Process contract/document at any time and ContractWare® will record the date the contract/document was last modified.

Can other people see the contracts In Process?
Anyone with view access or greater can view the latest version of the contract on-line or download it to their desktops for comments and discussions. Any changes agreed to by the contract owner can then replace the contract stored in ContractWare®. The approval process can be supported because the latest version is on-line for all those who need to know.

How can I email to someone about the contract activity?
Each contract can have a distribution list associated with it. Any activities or changes to the In Process document or the early notification of expiring line items or contracts will be automatically sent to the distribution list.

Can completed contracts be stored within ContractWare®?
Yes. Once a contract is complete, click on "Put Contract In Force" in the Document Creation module to place the contract into ContractWare®'s database as a read-only document.

Who can edit the completed contract?
Only the contract owner (specified within the application) and administrators have privileges to amend completed contracts.

Can I perform searches for existing contracts?
Yes. By using the Contract Tracking module you can search on multiple contract attributes, including but not limited to, supplier name, address, parts/commodity, supplier part number, socio-economic data, etc.

How are contract and amendment numbers generated?
The application will assign unique, non-repetitive contract and amendment numbers. Each number/contract will have an owner who is responsible for the contract's terms and conditions and associated attributes.

Can a contract owner be changed?
Yes. Contract owners can be re-assigned by the current owner of record or an administrator.

Can I use my current supplier code or number?
Yes. In the Supplier Directory module, you can use your own supplier or customer code/number - or let the application generate one for you. We can also provide support to directly transfer from your existing system into ContractWare®.

How are our company part numbers, commodities and other detail information entered?
You can either add manually or use an application provided spreadsheet (Microsoft® Excel) to import the data.

How can I tell if a contract or document is going to expire?
The application generates a report for each contract owner listing all contracts that are approaching their expiration date. The contract owner determines the number of days notice used to generate the report.

Can I do any reporting?
Each module offers standard reports as well as a Report Wizard that can be used to generate custom reports. Administrators have the option to create custom report templates that can be used by all application users.

How does a user change their password?
Using the Administration Module, each user can edit their account profile to modify their respective passwords. All users are encouraged to do so on a regular basis.

Installation and Technology

What is meant by an "Enterprise Software License" for ContractWare®?
A ContractWare® Enterprise Software License is a perpetual, unlimited use license for all company employees and those designated to have external access (worldwide) by your organization.

Are there any requirements prior to installing the application?
Once an application license is signed, a representative of The Leadership Companies will conduct a questionnaire and survey with your representative to initiate the installation process. This survey includes both business and technical assessments to be referenced during the installation process.

Are there any specific hardware or software requirements?
Application users require only a PC with network access, a standard browser such as Microsoft® Explorer or Netscape, and Microsoft® Word 2000+. The ContractWare® Application Server consists of one or more Microsoft® Windows Server operating systems running a Web Server (IIS 4.0+) and Database Server (SQL Server 7.0+, Oracle 7.3+).

What is the typical transaction size?
Larger transactions are typically about 300KB. Average transactions are typically 60KB.

Do I need any software licenses?
You will need a Microsoft® Windows Server License and a SQL or Oracle Database Server license for the Application Server. A Microsoft® Word (or Office) license is required for each desktop or laptop client/user.

How easily is ContractWare® integrated with legacy systems?
ContractWare®'s architecture and approach to data management provides enterprise installation and integration flexibility. Refer to our Professional Services pages for more detail.

Technology Overview

Leadership’s applications have been designed using a multi-tiered architecture for scalability, functional flexibility and maintainability.

General Architecture

Two technology pipelines are available:

  1. Microsoft® Windows DNA oriented pipeline consisting of:

    • A SQL (or Oracle) Database Server back end

    • An Active Server Pages / Microsoft® Transaction Server Business Logic middle tier

    • A standard Web Browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape) front end

  2. J2EE (Sun Microsystems) cross-platform oriented pipeline* consisting of:

    • An Oracle or SQL Server Database back end

    • A Java Server Pages / Java Beans / JDBC Business Logic middle tier

    • A standard Web Browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape) front end
Supported Operating Systems:

  • Server side:

       - Microsoft® Windows NT, 2000, 2003
       - Linux*

  • Client Side:

       - Microsoft® Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003
* May require some customization

Host Services

Do you provide Host Services?
Yes, visit

Third Party Integration

  • Leadership Professional Services provides specific database integration activities specific to your company and applications.

  • Contracts may be exported from ContractWare® in a Microsoft® Word compatible format for editing purposes. Microsoft® Word templates (.dot) are provided to extend Leadership specific editing capabilities.

  • Supplier bid information may be imported from Microsoft® Excel compatible spreadsheets. Microsoft® Excel templates are provided to extend Leadership specific editing capabilities.

Customer Security

  • SSL encryption of all application and contract data.

  • One-way user password encryption.

  • Service Module based security levels.

e-tool® Agreements and Guides

Can I reuse the e-tools® as often as I need?
Yes, if the use is for your company use with it’s suppliers only and not for resale.

How will I receive the e-tools®?
Once your payment has been received, the e-tool® will be emailed to you.

Will I be able to edit the e-tools® once I receive it electronically?
The e-tools® will be sent as an Adobe .pdf format which cannot be edited. You can copy or scan or type your own versions as needed.

What can be found in an e-tool® Agreement?
The e-tool® Agreement will contain a contract template with standard terms and conditions as well as suggested alternate or optional terms where appropriate. Each e-tool Agreement was developed for specific products and services and are unique for that situation.

Leadership Best Practices Guides

How were these Guides developed?
The Supply Management Series was developed for the Institute for Supply Management to provide the framework and processes for implementing Best Practices. They are the result of years of experience in implementing Best Practices programs and Continuous Improvements programs in multiple industries from manufacturing to services and for public and private companies.

Can I edit the Guides?
These Guides are for your use and can be edited to accommodate your company’s culture, vision and philosophy. They are not for resale but for internal use only.

Is there any personalization or customization available for the Guides?
Yes, The Leadership Companies, Inc. offers to edit the Guides for a fee.

Are there any training programs associated with the Guides?
Yes, The Leadership Companies, Inc. has on site training programs for the Guides. The on-site seminars are available on

Leadership Contract Manuals

What is included in each manual?
There are 3 sections to every manual Ý a complete template for each contract type, a list of sections and clauses with their associated explanatory text to help on when to use or not use a term or condition, standard, alternate and optional text for you to choose.

Do I have to use the templates as written?
No, you can use all or part of any template and edit the terms and conditions to meet you unique culture and negotiation.

Have these templates been reviewed by legal counsel?
Yes, every term and condition and each template has had a detailed review by legal counsel. However, it is strongly urged and recommended that you review the templates with a legal representative prior to releasing to your suppliers. This is especially true if you have had the need to edit or make changes to the text.

Leadership Training and Education

Are these seminars held on-site?
Yes, the training programs are offered on-site at your specified location.

Is there a price for larger groups?
Yes, after 5 people, the rate for the on-site seminars is reduced.

Can we personalize or add our company key messages to the on-site seminars?
Yes, The Leadership Companies, Inc. will add key messages and company specific cultural issues to the seminars whenever possible.

Can we host an on-site seminar and invite other companies to attend?
Yes, many of our clients host a seminar and share the cost with other local companies.

Leadership Professional Services

Will our company own the end product?
Yes, you will have the right to reproduce or edit the final product as you deem necessary.

Can we implement the solution ourselves or do you need to complete the implementation?
During the scope of work phase, The Leadership Companies, Inc. will ask you to be specific as to the role and scope of the project. The final product will be delivered as “ready for implementation” with your option to select the people to implement.

Customer Assistance

What kind of customer assistance can I expect?

Our Customer Assistance representatives are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time at:

Phone:   978-264-2900
Fax:   978-264-2912

Leadership Product Return Policy

What is The Leadership Companies, Inc. Product Return Policy?
If for any reason you are not satisfied with your product order you may return it to The Leadership Companies, Inc. within 30 days to:

The Leadership Companies, Inc. 42 Davis Road Acton, Ma 01729

The Return Policy does not apply to e-tool® Agreements or Guides since they are sent electronically.

Prior to returning the item, please call The Leadership Customer Service at (978) 264-2900 or e-mail at to obtain authorization.

The Leadership Companies, Inc. will accept non-damaged returns only. To expedite any credit that might be due to you, please note the reason for your return.

Shipping and handling charges are not refundable from original order or return shipment. The Leadership Companies, INc is not responsible for return items lost during shipment. It is recommended you use a carrier that can provide you with proof of delivery for your protection.

The Leadership Companies, Inc. reserves the right to refuse product returns beyond 30 days from the ship date.

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