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ContractWare¨ 8.0 is the only offering that combines contract best practices and web capabilities with the complete contract life cycle process of creation, collaboration, management and performance in a powerful application allowing you to unite disparate activities and departments with one system. ContractWare¨ is quick to deploy, easy to use, and flexible enough to support all your contract requirements.

Automate your processes. ContractWare¨ automates all your key contract processes - from creation to collaboration, from management to performance across your entire company and supply base providing executives a real-time view of key business information.

Reduce IT costs and maintenance. ContractWare¨ has been developed using a multi-tier Application Server architecture leveraging state of the art web, XML, transaction, and relational database technologies. A standard web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator is all that is needed to access your central ContractWare¨ enterprise Application Server, providing you with a secure, scalable, low-maintenance enterprise contract management solution.

Use real-time dashboards for better decision making. Dashboards give you a real-time snapshot of your business, enabling you to make better, faster decisions. You can view anything from quotations, contracts, terms, conditions, pricing, spending, cost trends, event notifications...

Extend the enterprise and improve collaboration. ContractWare¨ improves collaboration among departments, business units, procurement teams and partners at an unbeatable total cost of ownership and an immediate return on your investment.

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